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Which Afro Puffs Hairstyle Suits Your Personality And Is The Best For You

The afro puffs way of hair styling has taken over a separate, and rather, a huge portion of the hairstyling industry, owing to its uniqueness and versatility. Hence, there is no wonder why the Lady of Rage goes all praising about her fine afro curls singing,

“I rock and rough and stuff with my Afro Puffs.”

Fitting all of the different kinds of afro puffs hairstyles might not be possible. However, some of the afro hair trends are worth mentioning.


Such hair trends look pretty and cute on little girls, with chubby cheeks complimenting the curly pounding hair puffs. The great thing about the afro puff is that it is not subjected to any era. May it is the Jackson 5 from the 1960s, or Rihanna in the present featuring for her new album, the ‘fro hair trait’ has always supported their role.


The ‘Afro’ way of molding and styling your hair will surely make you fall in love with the hair kinks and curls. Don’t get tricked into their messy look. The small tiny curls will not demand much of your care and attention, and you will need merely a wide-toothed comb to brush them. Do you know what else is great about afro curly hairstyles? Well, the huge mass of hair allows you to add on big and bright accessories, which you might hesitate to wear when you have less messy hair.


The fro curls will never make you stick to one color for the rest of your life. Instead, you can switch from bright to dull shades, or vice versa, without the fear of looking odd anytime. Afro cuts are meant to make you stand out in the crowd at all times.

Braid them to a side, stuff them in the center, keep them loose, or dye them blonde; these curly afro puffs are sure to keep you all stylish and trendy whenever you are set to go. Do remember that if you are a frequent styler then keep your hair length in between mid to long, in case you run out of the desired length in between your styles.

A curly afro puff stranded on the center of your head, or the ones popping up from the side poles; both of them can be made tantalizing by providing them the afro look. For little girls, a bow ponytail up does enhance their cuteness. If you want to keep your girl’s head neat and tidy with afro curls, try braiding her hair into Box braids in bun ponytails, or side ponytails with twists.


It is okay if you don’t want the Erykah Badu to look with your afro hair. If you want your scalp to show in between the afro puff, part them from the center and make two ponytails on the sides. If that too does not amaze you, then make several slender braids or pigtails.


If you think parting from the center is too mainstream, then take a side of your head and part your curls into a parted afro puff hairstyle. The best way to style and part your afro puff is by applying a good quality hair texture product.

Afro hair of chin-length may look the best if parted from a side. You can also part the curls with a single strand of braid in between or around them.


The afro puff looks the best when kept short, for, of course, long flowing hair of fine tiny curls will make you hire a helper to maintain them. Curly hair all stuffed on the top of your head with undercuts at the sides will make some great stylish trend if you are looking for a huge change. Accompany your style with a pair of big and bright earrings for some eye-catching look. If you have a sleek and long face, an Afro bob cut will make you the best choice.


If summer is coming up and the wind is getting heated, you can chop your puff into a far more chic style, to keep your short curly afros neat and fashionable both at the same time.

If you wish to have the look of a model, try growing your curls longer on the front and taper them on the back. They shall make you some fine afro bangs. You can never run out of short curly afro styles if you have got the puff covering your most of your head.


A curly afro puff ponytail requires no extra brains or any special skill. Just stuff up the curls in your hand and tie them with a rubber band. For some persuading effects, tie the pony to a side or on the very top of your head. You can also part the curls from the center and tie ponies on the sides of your head. Such a style will make you worthy of getting the ‘cuteness overload’ award. You may need a strong rubber band with extensive elasticity to tie your hair into an afro puff ponytail.


Two-toned hair works great with ponytails. The hair on the scalp of natural color and the ones in the ponytail of some contrasting shade can provide you a darling look.

If your hair curls are too short to get into a pony or a bun, then don’t force them. You can instead pin your hair from the sides to make a Mohawk in the center of your head. You can try this trick if you do not wish the curls to sweep over your face.

Furthermore, afro puffs do not discriminate between different genders. We can use the example of some famous male celebrities who appreciated the fro way of hairdos, say Jimi Hendrix and Sly Stone; or the female celebrities like Solange Knowles and Diana Ross. Check out Youtube video for more tricks, styles, and images!


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