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Top 20 Hair Color Ideas for Olive Skin

Do you think it’s boring to get up every single morning and see the same colored hair and typical appearance for like every single day of the year? Doesn’t it  become less interesting to get ready every morning only to come looking out like your already boring self? Who wouldn’t want to have a new look and bring such a change in your appearance that will turn heads everywhere you go? So here are some cool hair color ideas that can totally bring your make up game several notches up the glam scale! And the best part? This read brings to you some brand new hair color ideas that will surely make your locks go from just ‘meh’ to OMG stunning! And if you happen to have olive skin then girl, you have hit the jackpot! Trying to figure out the right hair color for olive skin is no longer an elusive mystery. Follow this guide and get the best hair color ideas for you tanned beauties.


1.Subtle Red

Subtle red hair color

Do you think less is more? Then subtlety is the way to go. Alternating between brown and velvety red, this hair color looks great either with a high pony tail or a side part.


2.Medium Brown Hair Color For Olive Skin

Medium brown hair color for olive skin

This brown shade done on silky long hair gives a flowing and attractive look. A messy bun with this color hair will make you look effortlessly chic and classy.


3.Mocha Brown Color

Mocha brown color

Love coffee? Then this one is for you. This beautiful chocolaty brown color will make you look more gorgeous. Especially women with curly hair can dye their hair with this color and get a smoother and glowing application.


4.Blonde Hair With Brown Highlights

Blonde hair with brown highlights

This color looks very well on girls having blue colored eyes. It enhances their beauty and it is no news that beautiful eyes attract many. So if you are looking to make the most of your blue peepers choose this style to slay!


5.Teak Wood Hair Color

Teak wood hair color

This amazing color adds shimmery and shiny texture to your hair. It is best suited on layered long hair or a straight bob cut. 


6.Caramel Blonde Strands For Olive Skin

Caramel blonde strands for olive skin

This color will look great on you in summers. When you’re out and about, having your hair dyed caramel blonde will get you much more attention- definitely of the good kind.


7.Bleached Blonde Hair Color

Bleached blonde hair color

Who hasn’t known (and secretly admired) at least one girl with bottle blonde hair? So if you are looking for ideas for hair color but are reluctant to try something completely new, then this one if for you. This color is perfect for women of any age having thick hair. It makes you look younger and brings out your inner cuteness. This color has been popular since forever and will probably remain so.


8.Ash Blonde Locks

Ash blonde locks

You know what’s the best part about this color? It suits everyone! Whether you’ve got green, blue, black or brown eyes this beautiful color works with them all. In case you are unsure about which trend to go with, ash blonde is a safe bet.


9.Mahogany Brown For Olive Skin

Mahogany brown for olive skin

Are you a party animal? Then this one is for you. This dark and sultry hair color will play up the glossiness of your hair in the dimmest of lighting and will rock your world! Looking particularly yummy with girls having green colored eyes, mahogany brown makes you look effortlessly classy.


10.Ash Brown For Olive Skin

Ash brown for olive skin

Girls with pale eyes can use this color particularly if you are more of a ‘day person’. It’ll give you an innocently pretty look. Ash brown looks fantastic with olive skin so try this one out.


11.Light Brown Highlights On Dark Brown Hair

Light brown highlights on dark brown hair

An old favourite, this color is best suited on girls with green eyes and tanned olive skin tones. Applying this color will give you a nicer edge. It brings out the warmth of your skin tone and this color combination is absolutely stunning.


12.Electric Blue Hair Color

Electric blue hair color

Trying to dazzle the crowd? Then this color is the best for you because it gives you a funky and unique look. Why just stick with dark and dull hair if you can go with this interestingly new look, right girl?


13.Burgundy Waves For Olive Skin

Burgundy waves for olive skin

This color brings out your playfulness.. If you have or can have bristly hair, dye those waves with burgundy hair color to look sassy and fun. This color goes exceptionally good with a tanned olive skin tone.


14.As Potent As Red Wine Hair Color

As potent as red wine hair color

Who doesn’t love a glass of red? Bring it to your hair with this gorgeous shaded hair color. Sensuous and vibrant, this red makes your hair as silky smooth as a sip of a cabernet.


15.Orange Is The New Black

Orange is the new black

Orange is indeed the new black. Getting orange highlights done on black hair gives you a flaming and fiery look. It glistens your hair and goes well with long, straight or wavy hair. Try this unconventional look and own it, girl!


16.Gold Highlights On Dark Hair

Gold highlights on dark hair

Black base with a touch of gold and copper will make your hair look more groomed and modern. Dye your locks a basic black and bring on the extra oomph factor by using gold highlights.


17.Blonde Ombre Hair Color

Blonde ombre hair color

Beige blonde ombre color goes very well on lank and sleek hair. Girls with this hair type can apply this wonderful color and enjoy an instant update in appearance.


18.White Ash Blonde Highlights

White Ash blonde highlights

Girls with tanned skin and short wavy hair can try out this color. It goes very well with their skin tone and looks particularly amazing in winters.


19.Grey White Hair Color For Olive Skin

Grey white hair color for olive skin

Open hair or tied, if you use this color either way it will make you stand out from the crowd. Grey white locks will make your olive skin even more noticeable and lovely.


  1. Jet Black Hair Color For Olive Skin

Jet black hair color for olive skin

Jet black is more of a natural hair color. Long hair or short, curly hair or straight, frizzy hair or shaggy, wavy hair or tousled, this color will make your hair look gleaming and glossy. Everyone would want to have jet black hair just like you!

So there you go! 20 ahhh-mazing hair coloring ideas. Try out these hair color ideas for olive skin and be the queen you are.