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The Complete Guide to Pokemon Sun Hairstyles

Attention! Calling all Pokemon Lovers.

Are you a diehard Pokemon fan? Do you count yourself as a top tier member of the Council of Pokemon Masters? Is your life’s motto: Gotta catch ’em all!? Have you seen every single aired episode of this fantastic franchise and once you did, did you go back for second and third helpings? Is your room littered with Pokemon memorabilia and rare collectables? If the answers to these questions are Yes! Yes! Yes! Then congratulations! You have come just to the right place to take your love for everything Pokemon Sun Hairstyles to a whole new level.

Complete Guide To Pokemon Sun Hairstyles

You know what’s better than loving Pokemon? Living the life of Pokemon. That’s right; you can LIVE the life of Pokemon by getting Pokemon sun hairstyles. You can even get yourself Pokemon sun and moon hairstyles.

Here is a complete guide to everything you need to know about this coolest and latest trend: getting Pokemon Sun Hairstyles.

Pokemon Sun Hairstyles

Pokemon Sun and Moon Hairstyles for Female Trainers

Step I:

The first step of getting a Pokemon sun hairstyle is to select the right colour for yourself. The following hair shades are included in the list of available hair colours for female trainers:

  1. Caramel Blonde

This one is a shade of golden blonde with tonnes of warm caramel brown interspersed in between. Looks amazing with hazel eyes.

  1. Platinum Blonde

Look like a barbie with this head of hair! Platinum blonde is stunning and very Hollywoodish.

  1. Honey Blonde

Warm up those light hues with honey blonde highlights and look amazing.

  1. Black

Nothing beats a classic and black is the classiest colour ever!

  1. Dark Brown

Brunettes with green eyes are simply love!

  1. Ash Brown

Lighten your ordinary brown with this stylish shade.

  1. Pink Brown

An absolute stunner and uniquely Pokemon, this colour is all the rage in the gaming world!

Sun and Moon Hairstyles

Pokemon Sun and Moon Haircuts for Female Trainers

Step II:

Now once you have selected your favourite hair colour, it’s time to bring the magic with the perfect sun and moon haircut.

  1. Long Straight Hair

This one is understated in its beauty. Looking particularly beautiful with both blonde and brown hair straight and long steals the show with its classy look.


  1. Long Wavy Hair

If you have long hair, then turn them into beautiful tresses with loose curls. Nothing screams summer as loud as long curly locks!


  1. Medium Wavy Hair

If your hair just reaches your shoulder blades, then you have medium length hair. Wear it open with beachy waves courtesy of a curling iron and dazzle.


  1. Short and Bobbed Cut

If you are not into the hassle of carrying and caring for long, cumbersome locks then no need to worry, the bob cut is very much in fashion. Get a short bob cut and look sleek!


  1. Chin Length Bob Cut

If you have a badass persona but are still uniquely feminine at heart, this one is perfect for you. It’s short but not daringly so, and works great with both dark hair and light.


  1. Romantic Tuck

Sounds interesting, no? This haircut is a play on a short lob cut with both sides tucked behind the ears to look extra slick. If you have pin straight hair, then the romantic tuck is the one for you.


  1. Cornrow Braided Bun

If you are tired of plain old loose curls, then roll them all up into a messy bun. And tie up all shorter strands Into multiple cornrows for executing the super chic up-do! This hairstyle looks fantastic on black hair.

Sun and Moon Haircuts for Female Trainers

Sun and Moon Hairstyles and Haircuts

Step III:

You have selected both the sun and moon hairstyle and the sun and moon haircut, now all you need to do is head to the salon to get it!

Unfortunately, like you, all diehard fans know very well that the barber shop in Pokemon Sun and Moon does not allow you to see how a look will turn out until you get it done. But in the real world, you can imagine just fine! After a quick dye job, you can style your hair according to the haircut you have in mind to see how well it goes on you.

So head to your favourite parlour or hair salon and get your desired Pokemon sun hairstyles in no time! and you may love to read Complete Guide To Pokemon Y Hairstyles.