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A Complete Guide About All Hairstyles for Long Hair

As the temperature starts to soar and the bleak clouds of winter give way to open blue skies of spring, this gorgeous season brings with it freshness and warmth. As the gentle sunlight gently caresses your skin, feel the breeze playfully ruffle your hair. Let the elements bring out a natural glow to you and allow yourself to feel free!

Don’t be afraid of growing out your lovely tresses into long locks this summer. The new year brings with it some glamorous hairstyles specifically for long hair which you just can’t wait to try on!

After surveying the latest fashion trends and comparing styles, our team of experts has come up with a super exclusive list of the top 10 most in-demand hairstyles for long hair.

Hairstyles for Long Hair with Bangs:

Who doesn’t like bangs? They make your forehead look smaller and accentuate your beautiful eyes. So if you have long hair, then you should go for bangs. If you have small features, then you should go for shorter bangs that just graze your brows. But if your face is long and oval, then your bangs should be longer, preferably down to your ears to favour your face cut. You can wrap your long hair into a high ponytail and let the bangs do the talking or let it loose to mingle with the shorter strands for an effortlessly cool look.

Hairstyles for Long Hair with Bangs


Hairstyles for Long Hair for School:

If you need an easy look for a school that you can quickly achieve within minutes, then here are two immensely popular ideas:

  • Make a pouffe in the middle (optional). Take small sections of your hair on both sides and pull up the remaining hair at the back into a messy bun. Now twist those two sections and pin them up around and under your messy bun. Viola! Your casually messy yet chic look is ready.

Hairstyles for Long Hair for School


  • Part your hair down the middle and take two small sections on both sides. Pull up the remaining hair at the back into a high ponytail. Now start loosely braiding one section, wrap it around your ponytail and pin it below it. Repeat the same with the other section. Secure both ends with the help of bobby pins. Use a hairspray to smooth down any frizz. Tada! Your ultimate school look is ready to impress everyone.

These are two hairstyles for long hair for a school that are easy to pull off and amazing to look at!


Hairstyles for Long Hair Round Face:

If you have a round face as pretty as a cherub and are looking for hairstyles for long hair round face, then worry not! We have two super-cool ideas to make you look like a doll!

  • Make a side part and pin down the smaller side with a funky hair clip. Now back comb the other side to give it some volume. Take the top middle portion of this part and start braiding it. Secure the end with a thin elastic band. Pull up the folds to give your braid a fuller look. Brush the rest of your hair for a smooth finish.


Hairstyles for Long Hair Round Face


  • If you have a round face then highlighting your cheekbones is a good idea. Up hairstyles for long hair should do the trick! Put on a headband and fix it with a bobby pin. Now starting from your right side, take small sections and tuck them under the band. Repeat till you have all your hair tucked under it. Secure any loose strands with bobby pins. The headband will only be visible at the top while your hair at the back would appear to be in an intricate roll. This look is perfect for you cheeky ladies!

hairstyles for long hair


Hairstyles for Long Hair for Prom:

The big day is coming and is you on the brink of losing your mind?

Breathe, because we have the perfect hairstyles for long hair for prom for you!

  • Invest on some press-on hair clips, preferably the glittery type- it is prom after all! Start braiding your long beautiful locks into a fishtail. Tie the end with an elastic band. Now roll up this braid into a bun and secure it. Use the press-on clips over your fishtail bun for some extra oomph! This hairstyle is perfect for long hair when you wish to show off your beautiful neck in a lovely gown.

hairstyles for long hair for prom


  • Long hair + Prom = Showing off your gorgeous hair! Use a curling iron, preferably a 3+ inch thick one, and curl your hair into loose twists. Take a small section at the front and twist it around your hairline for a crowned effect. Pin it down on the other side and let the rest of your hair loose. This is the perfect hairstyle to show off your long hair and be glamorous!


Hairstyles for Long Hair Black:

If you have dark hair, then we understand how difficult it can be to come up with a hairstyle that is visible. Here is an idea for hairstyles for long hair black that can help:

  • Straighten your hair using a straightening iron and brush it back into sleek strands. Now take a section on the right and start doing a braid. Use a hair clip to secure it temporarily. Repeat on the other side. Now remove both hair clips and use the two braids plus a small section of free hair from the middle of the back into a ponytail. Brush it till all three sections are merged seamlessly. Leave the rest of your hair open at the back or over your shoulders. For some extra shine, you can lightly dust some glitter on both braids or use clips.


Hairstyles for Long Hair Black


Hairstyles for Long Hair for Weddings:

Weddings are the ultimate bling! If you have long hair, then you are lucky to be able to try on an elaborate hairdo. Straighten your hair into a sleek sheet and roll up your hair into a twisted bun. Loosen some small strands from the sides and over your neck to give a gentler look. Use a crystal-studded hair clip over the middle of the bun to add some sparkle. This up do amazing if you are blonde and it’s a crowd favourite among hairstyles for long hair for weddings.

Hairstyles for Long Hair for Weddings


Hairstyles for Long Hair with Layers:

If you have your long hair snipped into layers (or even steps), then you need a hairstyle that won’t unravel on you mid-event! The best way to go is to blow dry it and have your hair roller-ed up for a couple of hours. Once your makeup is done, take out the rollers and use a hair dryer set on medium heat to lock in the curls. Gently pump up your hair to give it volume, and you are ready to slay!


Hairstyles for Long Curly Hair with Bangs:

Curly hair, don’t care? Make the most of your natural awesomeness with these hairstyles for long curly hair with bangs.


  • Use a frizz-buster lotion or spray before you start. Use a hair dryer set on medium heat and blow dry your curls. Now use your fingers to comb through these curls to give a messy but natural look. Great for both work and a girls’ night out, this one looks hot!

Hairstyles for Long Curly Hair with Bangs


  • Leave down your bangs and pull up all your curls into a high top-head bun. Secure it with several bobby pins and a hair setting spray, and you are ready to head out this summer for a trendy look!

Hairstyles for Long Curly Hair


Modern Hairstyles for Long Hair:

On the search for something brand new? Search no further! We have two ultra modern hairstyles for long hair just for you:

  • Side part your hair and make cornrows down the smaller side. Leave out the other part loose around your shoulder. This is a fantastic modern look that is super stylish.

Modern Hairstyles for Long Hair


  • You can achieve a daring modern hairstyle by the side parting your hair and shaving the smaller part into a barely-there Back comb your hair for some extra volume while the buzzed scalp on the other side creates a striking contrast. You just can’t look edgier than this!

Modern Hairstyles


Hairstyles for Long Hair Updo:

Up do’s are great if you have light coloured or dyed hair. It is an amazing way to show off your delicate features to their best! Tie a loose braid down one side and pin it behind. Take the rest of your hair into a thick messy bun. Loosen some strands in the front, and your gorgeous updo is ready!

Hairstyles for Long Hair Updo


So there you go, the top 10 most wanted hairstyles for long hair! Practice at home till you can successfully pull off all these hairstyle ideas for 2017! The only question is, which one are you going to try out first?