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The Complete Guide To Pokemon Y Hairstyles

The Thrilling World of Pokemon Y

Pokemon X and Pokemon Y, released by Nintendo in October 2013 are 3D role-playing games that take catching Pokemon to a whole new level of awesome. But you already knew that, didn’t you?

The world of Pokemon is as well known to all diehard fans as well as the real world. Sometimes even more than the real world for some players!

Pokemon Y Hairstyles

Are you one of those players? The ones who eat, sleep and breath Pokemon? If you are, then we have a brilliant idea that will make you stand apart from the crowd of Pokefans and make you the ultimate Poke-lover!

Its about getting Pokemon Y hairstyles! You read it right, it’s entirely possible, and to be honest Pokemon x and y hairstyles are fast becoming a new fashion statement in the world of gaming.


The Complete Guide To Pokemon Y Hairstyles

If you are loyal enough to this amazing franchise, then you will surely try these hair makeovers that will leave you looking like the queen of Pokemon trainers!

What To Do First?

Once you have made up your mind to go with this exciting new trend, the question remains that how should I begin? Here’s how:


Step I: Pick a hair colour for the perfect Pokemon Y hairstyle

If you want to achieve the perfect Pokemon x and y hairstyles then all you need to do, girl, is to follow these three easy steps! The first step is to pick the hair colour that goes amazingly with your skin tone. The hair colours available at the Pokemon Y hair salon are:

Pokemon x and y hairstyles

  1. Black

Everybody loves black. It’s smooth; it’s silky and its very

very pretty!

  1. Brown

The brown colour looks great on light coloured skin and eyes. Spice up you brown locks with streaks of muted gold or honey tones. You can also get highlights or lowlights in rust red, caramel brown or ash blonde.

  1. Ginger

Who doesn’t like a cute redhead? Go ginger this year especially if you have pale white skin.

  1. Blonde

Be it a platinum blonde or an icy blonde, and ash white or honey blonde, admit it, there is just something about this colour that slays!

Dare to go blonde regardless of your skin colouring and carry the bold and edgy look like a champ!

Pokemon Y Female Hairstyles

Pokemon Y Female Hairstyles

Step II: Select a Hairstyle

Once you have settled on a hair colour, it’s time to select the hairstyle that looks most flattering on you. The Pokemon x and y hairstyles available in the games include the following:

  1. Long and Loose

This one is a classic. So if you are unwilling to chop off your precious locks then go with long and loose. Straighten up your tresses into slick lengths with a hair straightener and keep your hair down. Style this look with a side part and a pretty accessory like a Pikachu headband or a Jiggly Puff clip, and you are ready to Catch em’all!!

  1. Bob Cut

This one is available in two types. A traditional bob cut that snips away your hair into a very short style or a longer bob also called a lob. This longer bob cut allows your hair to gently caress your shoulder tips.

  1. Ponytail

Nothing means business quite like getting your hair off your face into a high ponytail. Pulling your strands away from your eyes shows that you are ready to go down and dirty and do whatever it takes to get hold of your next Pokemon!

  1. Pigtails

Do you wish to give off a cute look while secretly being a badass? Well, nothing speaks adorable as much as pigtails. And they’re convenient too. Once you have your hair taken care of by braiding it up, it’s time to get serious and focus on catching some Pokemon!

  1. Bangs

Don’t hesitate by just settling on a look that focuses on your tips. Round up the whole deal with working on your front, which means it’s time to get some bangs, girl!

  1. Side swept hair

This is the last variation available in the list of Pokemon x y hairstyles. It is stylish yet easy to carry. Side swept hair with a high ponytail, or a couple of pigtails looks fantastic. It even goes with a long bob.

Pokemon x y hairstyles

Step III: Finalise your Pokemon Y hairstyles.

Now that you have selected both your hair colour and haircut, it’s time to finalise the look. Head to your nearest barber’s shop or your favourite hair salon and get the look of your dreams!

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