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How to do braids hairstyles for women – Double French braid Step by Step Guide

How you can do a double French braid on yourself and this is the exact so today I’m going to teach you.  Double French braid on yourself is a easy way and this is the exact same steps that I will show you in this tutorial.

Step by Step Guide about Braids Hairstyles for women:

The first thing you want to do is to brush your hair so there is no Tangles when you have to break which makes it a lot easier. Then you’re going to split your hair into two sections, found the back of your head and then click one side away with a hair clip.

Double French braid

Now take a section of hair in the front that kind of looks like a triangle and then split that into three sections, like a normal braid hairstyle, I’ll take the top Strand and cross that over into the middle. Then take the bottom Strand and cross that over into the middle then take the train and frosted over into the middle.

braids hairstyles for women

She had something added to the stress, just crossed into the same thing over and then from the side into the middle over. They’re from the same side then take the bottom strand cross that over and hair from the same so, now you just have to repeat those tips on till there’s no more head and cross that over and then do the exact same thing when there’s no more hair to add in.

Double French braid women

Then braids hairstyles tied off at the end with an elastic now you have to do the exact same thing on the other side. So, you have two braids when the second grade is done then you can pull in the braids if you wanted to look fuller or you can just leave them like this and then you’re done so, I really hope you like this step by step guide about braids hairstyles for women. If you found it helpful, then please give this guide a thumb.

braids hairstyles