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Where Do The Bob Hairstyles For Women Stand In 2017

New Year means something new to you! The start of the New Year brings resolutions for every individual with it. For some, it is charitable and caring whenever the opportunity arose, whereas some hold losing weight and getting in shape too close as the resolution.

When talking about women, it becomes one of the very great decisions to spice up your personality and have a new hairstyle for the fresh year. Bob Hairstyle for Women becomes an eye-catching and glamorous way to do that.

Let us wind back to the First World War, where a Polish-born hairdresser shocked the society by introducing this Bob Hairstyle for women for the first time. It allowed women just to abandon the use of hairpins and to straighten irons, as they had to serve in the workforce. Over a century has passed with Bob Hairstyle for women being still one of the hottest hairstyles considered to date.

 Bob Hairstyles For Women

“How does my hair look?” is one of the few questions that women still ask. Currently, Bob Hairstyles for Women are very famous and trendy and are most preferably in the parties today. These Bob Hairstyles for women looks astonishing on any women with a nice jawline and neck. Bob hairstyles for women tend to not only look cute on you but also add grace to your personality at the same time.

Bob hairstyles for women are gaining popularity every passing day through the years and is currently rocked by the celebrities like Emilia Clarke today. One of the reasons behind this is their versatility and a great many options to choose from a variety of lengths and finishes.

Anyway, here is a comprehensive overview of the Bob Hairstyles for Women to end up following up-to-date looks and natural-looking finishes.



The Bob Hairstyles for Women in layers can do wonderful things to your face. Not only can adding layers give your hair more volume, but also it gives a shine to your face that makes you look fresh and rested as if you are just coming from a vacation. This hairdo makes you look more elegant and looks generous and astonishing.

short bob hairstyle

  • A-Line Bob

The glamour of heart-shaped faces is brought up if they wear this look. The straightened and medium density hair gives this medium bob hairstyle a push to perfection.

  • Modern Blonde Bob

The Urban appeal, combined with this layered bob blend in with the flavour perfectly. The Choppy Haircut is worn with a deep side part and long bangs to help it stand out.

  • Copper Rainbow

A base of bright copper colour with rainbow colours streamlining through it brings out the colourful side of your life. Using this bob hairstyle with hair that is naturally wavy and is medium to thick places you right at the top of the chart.

  • Curly Q

For the women whose hands are tied because of their hair which can get heavy, this short layered curly bob lays off the excess weight of the curls and any woman with naturally curly hair of medium thickness can wear these bouncy curls.

curly bob hairstyle

  • Tousled Lavender Feathers

The pink, lavender, soft brown and blond colours are worth a try because of the recently growing trend. Those times are gone when girls rarely wanted to have bob cut, or “mum cut” for fun.

  • Smooth Bob

As the name suggests, this long layered and smoothed out bob hairstyle for women always presents with a unique style for the women with diamond faces and medium to thick, straight hair. Although it is easier to maintain, it adds grace to a woman’s personality.



To answer for the perception that all curly bobs look alike, it would be better to get away with a simple “No”. Whether it is messy and Curly Bob Hairstyle for women or smoothed out, it pans out to take out the best of the women it suits best and make them look sophisticated.

madium bob hairstyle

  • Curly Ends

As the name suggests, these curls are mainly focused on the ends of the hair. No matter what the shape of the face is or the density of the hair is, it holds its place in women’s heart.

  • Raw Curls

You thought you had ruined your hair when you were in a hurry and forgot to brush the hair after curling them. What you do not know is that if you just leave them fresh off the curling rod, you get a bob cut which looks better than most of the hairstyles out there.

  • Naturally Spunky Spirals

Just letting the natural curls of your chin-length cut be lets glossy black curls be the focal point of your hairstyle. Overdoing might ruin this curly bob hairstyle, and it may even affect your curls that are naturally in your hair.


Why not get a hairstyle that suits your personality and spice it up by adding certain bangs to the mix to get something that suits your face?

layered bob haircut

  • Medium Messy Waves with bangs

Sometimes when you wake up, it gets you the hairstyle you find ultimately sexy. This shoulder length textured cut, or medium bob hairstyle, gets you wear up the looks with the side bangs blended into messy waves.

  • Super short bangs with pink highlights

This short bob hairstyle with bangs haircut suits well on the oval-shaped women as it lightens up the widest part of the mug. It is extremely hard to pull off but if executed correctly give a fun way to show off funky personality.

  • Bold and Blunt

Bold and eye-catching colours of the short bob with bangs and layers give it an astonishing and edgy look that can be played up for the night.



The long bob hairstyle has been here for too long, and it is here to stay.

bob hairstyle

  • Easy Wear Bob

This black bob hairstyle involves slight layers cut in to smoothen out the thick and heavy hair does its job perfectly fine, making it a cool-girl and adorable girl look.

  • Blond Bob with Darker Root

This piece of extraordinary long bob hairstyle with its darker roots is the combination of different shades between light blond and brown.

  • Beachy Waves

This long bob is something to be a class act. With a combination of curls, cuts, deep parts and the waves, it creates a sea of options to choose from.