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Best Hair Wax For Men 2018

Not all men’s hair products are the same in quality, and wasting your time and money to figure out which hair wax, pomade, clay or gel is best for your hairstyle can be frustrating. After all, each brand and styling product offers a different level of hold, shine and control. But if you’ve been looking for the best hair wax for men, then you’ve come to the right place.

A good hair wax can completely change your look, and allow you to style your hair in ways you never dreamed. This is because wax works well with a number of different hairstyles and lengths, ranging from short to long, classic to modern, neat to messy, and textured to slick. Whether you’re styling a comb over, quiff or faux hawk, a top-rated wax for your hair can make all the difference.

Our guide will walk you through the many wax products on the market and highlight the best brands that may suit your needs. From the dozens of hair waxes we found, we’ve narrowed the list to the top 10, taking into consideration hold strength, shine, smell, ingredients, ease-of-use, price and finally customer reviews.

How To Choose The Best Hair Wax

Picking a good hair wax goes beyond just finding the product with the strongest hold. The most important factor to keep in mind is whether your choice is best for your hair type and length. For example, there are certain waxes that are ideal for fine hair, while others that work better for thick hair. And if you have short, thick hair, you may need a firmer hold than if you’re growing out long hair and want a light touch.

In order to find the right styling wax for your specific hair and desired hairstyle, keep these questions in mind:

  • How much hold do you need? Finding the perfect men’s hair wax means choosing one that will control and hold your hair in place all day. Like pomade, wax products come in a variety of holds – firm, medium, and light. Fortunately, even a strong hold wax doesn’t stiffen or flake like gel, allowing you to add both volume and structure to your style.
  • Are you looking for a certain shine? Wax can offer many levels of shine. If you prefer a natural, textured look, then you may want to buy something that provides a matte finish. Most waxes range from no to high shine, but will never appear greasy. Think about how sleek you want your hairstyle to be and buy accordingly.
  • How often do you re-style your hair? Wax is versatile and allows you to restyle your hair throughout the day without washing or re-applying more product.
  • How important is a good smell? Almost every wax brands invests time creating a unique but subtle, desirable scent. Because every wax product smells different, be sure to shop around for the fragrance you prefer! Reading other customer reviews can be helpful in determining how strong and overpowering or smooth and long-lasting an option smells. We made a point to only include the best on the list, but it’s still a matter of “taste”.
  • What are you willing to pay? While we don’t recommend you buy the cheapest styling product you can find, we also believe the most expensive hair wax can be over-rated. Price does not determine quality, at least for us. A good brand that styles easy and incorporates natural ingredients for proper hair care can be worth the investment.
  • What are the other names for men’s hair wax? Before you go scouring the aisles, you should be aware of the numerous names for this product. Hair styling wax also goes by putty, glue, paste, or molding creme. Checking the ingredients for “beeswax”, “Lanolin wax”, or some other variation is your best bet to finding an authentic wax.
  • Are you aiming for a slick look? If you want to achieve a slicked-back hairstyle, wax for men’s hair may not be your best bet. Hair wax may not provide a slick style, but it is easy to work with and provides ample volume. This is crucial for guys who prefer to get ready in a flash, and stay stylish all day.

Ultimately, your hairstyle completes your entire look. No matter what outfit you decide to wear, your hair must be stylish and on point so let’s find the best styling wax for you.

Best Wax For Men's Hair

Best Men’s Hair Wax Reviews 2018

Now that we’ve covered the basic factors of buying styling products, it’s time to take a look at the best hair wax for men. Our list of reviews has something for every hair type, including thick, thin, and curly hair, so we’re confident you’ll find a wax to use.

TIGI Bed Head B For Men Matte Separation Workable Wax

Guys searching for a men’s hair wax product that has exceptional hold without appearing artificial – look no further. TIGI is a brand known for getting even the most unruly head of hair under control, and their Bed Head B Workable Wax is no exception.

This hair wax tops the list for its strong hold, natural sheen, and exceptional frizz resistance. While it has the strength to keep your hair in place all day, it’s more balanced and not as firm or rigid as other holds. Furthermore, TIGI may be the best matte finish hair wax you’ll find, giving your hair a natural, textured look. Plus, it’s versatile and works with many different lengths and types of hair, especially fine hair. The frizz resistance features also maintains your hairstyle even in hot, humid weather.

One of the main ingredients in Bed Head B is beeswax, a natural ingredient with antioxidant properties that moisturizes and softens your hair, giving your hairstyle the structure, volume and fullness you want.

In the end, guys love it because it provides a strong hold, natural matte look, and smells great. If you want a lighter touch on your thick hair or need to expertly manage your short haircut, TIGI Bed Head B is definitely the best wax for everyday use!

American Crew Fiber Pliable Molding Creme For Men

American Crew is a household name, and one of the best brands in men’s hair care. As a company who is known for quality products, American Crew Fiber is a go-to pick for guys who want style the coolest hairstyles of the year. This hair wax provides an excellent combination of high-hold and low shine at a very affordable price.

With a price tag under $10, this 3 oz container gives you styling ability to manage a range of hair types. So whether you have thick or thin hair and want to get a short or medium-length haircut, you can’t go wrong buying this top-rated wax.

If you need complete control over your hair, the Fiber Pliable Molding Creme keeps your hair structured and in-line all day while its fiber-like quality adds fullness and intense texture. This hair wax works wonders on shorter strands between 1-3 inches, but it is able to style all types of textures and lengths. The natural, matte finish offers a nice touch that avoids the greasy, oily look other kinds of styling products can’t seem to overcome. Plus, you get an understated, masculine scent that smells good.

As expected by a brand that strives for quality, American Crew Fiber Molding Creme is made with lanolin wax and castor oil, thereby conditioning, moisturizing and strengthening your hair and scalp throughout the day. As one of the best men’s hair waxes in the business, we highly recommend you try this option.

Maneuver Work Wax by Redken

Redken has paved the way for exceptional hair styling, and their Maneuver Work Wax is a testament to the company’s focus on quality. This workable wax is extremely versatile, and it is a unisex hair wax that works for men and women of all hair lengths. Whether you are styling a textured crop or quiff, or adding edge to your faux hawk or mohawk, this wax can take control of any hairstyle no matter how wild or modest.

This lightweight wax has such a natural feel, you will forget you have any product in your hair at all. This world-class product provides a medium hold ideal for short to medium length styles that require a decent amount of control, or long hairstyles that need movement and flow. The level of shine is low, so guys wanting a textured, matte finish will be delighted by the way it transforms thin, dull hair to full and luscious locks.

In addition to being water-based for easy washing, two of the main ingredients in this wax – castor oil and wheat protein – work to sculpt and soften your hair, while conditioning and strengthening. The castor oil particularly can actually minimize sun and heat damage (e.g. from blow dryers). Meanwhile, stearyl alcohol moisturizes your hair and scalp.

If you want a quality wax that can be used on a variety of haircuts, styles and textures, you can’t pass up this product by Redken. While not suited for a super structured look or guys with very thick hair who need a strong-hold wax or pomade, this easy-to-use option is a real value.

Gatsby Moving Rubber Spiky Edge Hair Wax

Gatsby is a Japanese brand that takes versatility and maximum hold very seriously. The Moving Rubber Spiky Edge Hair Wax was crafted by professional stylists, and it’s probably the strongest hair wax on our list. This 2.8 oz container will cost you around $10, a very affordable price for some serious styling power.

This men’s hair wax is ideal for short hair, and can take any textured faux hawk or spiky hairstyle to the next level. While the product provides exceptionally strong hold and a low shine finish, it is surprisingly lightweight and versatile. You can reshape and style your hair multiple times throughout the day without reapplying the wax, making it a vital styling product for any guy who loves to switch things up.

Moreover, like beeswax, candelilla wax moisturizes your hair and scalp to avoid dandruff and flakiness. Add in the microcrystalline wax for that super firm hold, palm oil derivative for good skin, and stearyl alcohol as a conditioning agent, and you have a winning combination of ingredients.

Finally, the smell on this product is awesome. Customers reviews have noted that men and women alike love the subtle citrus green-apple scent, and that your hair ends up smelling good for long periods of time without overpowering your cologne or body spray.

While we wouldn’t recommend it for longer hair, Gatsby most definitely delivers a superior product for styling short to medium-length hairstyles.

American Crew Forming Cream

With Elvis Presley gracing the lid of this hair wax, you know this product has a lot to live up to. Luckily, American Crew Forming Cream does even Elvis’s signature pompadour justice. A 3 oz container of this wax is excellent for light sculpting, working well with short to medium to longer hairstyles for a soft, natural hold that looks good all day.

This wax focuses on maximum pliability, which is code for medium hold and easy styling. Depending on the hairstyle you want to get, this product can tame all types of hair – from thick to thin – and is adept at controlling frizz. But if you have truly unmanageable hair, we’d recommend the TIGI Bed Head option or something more powerful.

Not only does it give your hair impeccable style and a textured, matte finish, it won’t leave your hair dried out and lifeless. This is because the Forming Cream’s main ingredients (lanolin, castor beans, and flower oil) fight against frizz, condition and moisturize, and generally maintain the health of your hair.

Ultimately, American Crew’s Forming Cream is effective at styling a variety of looks, leaves no signs of grease or residue, and can be used on dry or wet hair for a natural shine. With an amazing, cologne-like scent that ever guy raves about, this hair wax is recommended for maximum styling versatility.

OSiS+ Flexwax Ultra Strong Cream Wax

Schwarzkopf is a company revolutionizing how we style hair, and their passion for high-quality products is second to none. The OSiS+ Flexwax Ultra Strong Cream Wax is a leading contender in the hair styling industry, and one glance at its styling power will have you convinced.

A container of this versatile hair wax will cost you around $15, making it one of the pricier products on our list. However, you get everything you pay for and more when it comes to this luxury brand, including an incredibly firm hold (one that vies for the strongest on our list) with a natural shine that exudes a non-greasy look and feel. This very creamy wax gives you a matte finish while separating strands for extra fullness and body. These features make it a solid option for men with thinning hair and short haircuts.

While the strength of the wax can hold down and control any style, it washes out immediately for convenience. Furthermore, you can restyle throughout the day without having to use more product or sacrifice volume. And with no alcohol, Schwarzkopf’s Osis+ Flexwax Cream won’t dry out or damage your hair.

If you want to be different and experiment with a brand that caters to professional stylists, this styling tool is a good bet.

Style Sexy Hair Control Maniac Wax

Sexy Hair is a brand that has taken over the hairspray market – but they didn’t stop there. Their line of styling products live up to this untouchable quality, and the company’s Control Maniac Wax is making some waves in the hair wax industry. The Control Maniac styling wax gives you solid hold and definition with high shine, a combination we haven’t yet seen on our list.

Ideal for short hair that needs shape, this product gets you maneuverability despite its high-hold. Just apply on wet or dry hair, sculpt and define your hairstyle, and this wax will do the rest to minimize frizz and flyaways. Plus, you may actually enjoy the slick, shiny finish that’s uncharacteristic of most waxes. In this case, you can style your slicked back undercut or pompadour fade with this product instead of a pomade.

The bottom line is guys don’t have to worry about their hair losing definition. And with copolymer as one of the main ingredients, you’ll enjoy a layer of gloss and sheen that will have your hair looking sleek and luscious. Hair Control Maniac Wax is for men who take their hair very seriously – and even the most experienced enthusiasts won’t be disappointed!

Jack Black Wax Pomade

If you’re looking for a wax product that caters to a thick, full head of hair, Jack Black has exactly what your strands need. Jack Black Wax Pomade has the ability to tame and maintain curly, unruly hair and deliver a high-shine finish. If you’re debating between pomade and wax, why not try this luxury styling product that is a cross of both.

Due to its pliable hold, Jack Black Wax Pomade takes care of strays and frizz. Similarly, men with thick hair can rejoice in this wax’s ability to keep curls and waves under control. In fact, it’s one of the best hair waxes for thick hair. Furthermore, this wax pomade really raises the bar as a facial hair conditioner, allowing you to incorporate this tool into your beard grooming kit.

The company wants to be known as a luxury beauty brand, and has therefore made this product from all-natural ingredients, including tea tree leaf oil and kelp that reduce redness and irritation of the skin while preserving the look and health of your hair.

For strong hold and control over short, thick haircuts, Jack Black Wax Pomade is worth the investment. Although not cheap, this well-reviewed option will have you looking dapper and sleek.

Bumble And Bumble Sumo Tech

Bumble and Bumble Sumo Tech is a product that is in a category all its own. This hair wax combines intense hold with natural movement, while providing texture that caters to shorter hairstyles. Bumble and Bumble has successfully recreated the malleable feel of natural waxes, allowing you to rework your hair effortlessly. Although on the pricier side, the versatility and feel deliver a quality experience.

Sumo Tech offers the best of all worlds with the positive characteristics of pastes, waxes, and creams bundled in one. It has the power to separate strands while holding your style in place all day. Strong enough to control the most intense of styles yet malleable enough to give you a natural look, this wax provides hold and movement without sacrificing.

Guys should expect a low shine to matte finish, and most people report the smell as “delicious”. It’s time to leave flaky, stiff hair products behind – Bumble and Bumble Sumo Tech is a sure way to get a naturally sexy style without looking stiff or oily.

Best Hair Products For Men

If a good hair wax doesn’t seem like the right fit for you or your hair’s length and type, then you may want to compare the pros and cons of other styling products. For example, there are some specially formulated for curly hair or thick hair. Ultimately, as one of the most popular hair products for men, offering the most styling range, we recommend you stick to a pomade or wax.

Best Hair Wax For Men 2018

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