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A Guide to 35 Hairstyles for Long Hair At any Age

Nothing is as glamorous and sexy as healthy, voluminous and super long tresses. However, why not spice things up a bit by styling your hair into these latest hairstyles for long hair to make all the heads turn?
In this article, I am going to tell you A Guide to 35 Hairstyles for Long Hair At any Age, after reading this article you will be able to adopt the perfect hairstyle.


  1. Straight Strands Hairstyle

Straight Strands Hairstyle

Nothing beats well straightened long hair cascading down your back. It gives all sorts of touches to your look – trendy, regal, casual, professional – you say it, and it’s there.


  1. Half Up-Do Hairstyle

Half Up Do Hairstyle

A great example of the best formal long hairstyles, half updos is classy to a whole new level.


  1. Side Ponytails Hairstyle for Women

Side Ponytails

Combine your love for side swept hair and ponytails into this creative and chic favorite amongst hairstyles for long hair.


  1. Draped French Braid Hairstyle for women

Draped French Braid

In this cute and trendy hairdo, let the braids cover the top part of your head as the rest of the hair flows down.


  1. Bouncy Waves Haircut for woman

Bouncy Waves Haircut

There are not many easy formal hairstyles as gorgeous and quick to perfect as this one. Add a little volume to your hair by teasing it to give the bounce to your waves.


  1. Layer of Bangs

Layer of Bangs

What are those lengthy locks for if you can’t add stylish bangs to frame the front of your face in a slightly messy and rough look?


  1. The Easy Chignon Hairstyle for young women

The Easy Chignon Hairstyle

Easy Chignon Hairstyle for young women is the perfect look to go with if you are running out of time but still want something with a classy touch.


  1. Glitter Roots

Glitter Roots Hairstyle

Glitter Roots Hairstyle Rock your side-parted hair by adding a little glitter in the middle of the parting line to get this funky and trendy look.


  1. Slicked Back Ponytail

Slicked Back Ponytail

Slicked Back Ponytail haircut is epitome of fashion and style is seen everywhere – from runways to red carpets. Let your long tresses flow but without the constant irritation of them covering your face.


  1. The Half up French Braid haircut

The Half up French Braid

The Half up French Braid haircut for women is one of the classiest looks amongst hairstyles for long hair, this can be sported anywhere from a private event to a public one.


  1. Side Braid

Side Braid

Side Braid hairstyle for women is undoubtedly one of the most popular long women’s hairstyles. Classy? Check. Easy? Check. Gorgeous? Double Check.


  1. Knot Pony Hairstyle for young Girls

Knot Pony

Knot Pony Hairstyle for young Girls helps to tie your tresses into a knot and let the remaining hair flow loosely to get this chic look.


  1. Twisted and Flip Bun

Twisted and Flip Bun

Twisted and Flip Bun is one of the top long hairstyles for the wedding party, this chic bun will give your hair the attention it deserves. Mess it up a little or tease it to add a bold touch to it.


  1. French Braid Bun Haircut for Women

French Braid Bun

What is classier than a French braid? A French braid pulled into a stylish bun at the side of your hair! Try this hair for achieving a very glamorous look.


  1. Braid Wrapped Ponytail Hairstyle for young Girls

Braid Wrapped Ponytail

Braid Wrapped Ponytail Hairstyle for young Girls is chic hybrid between a ponytail and braid is both, trendy and professional. Just tie your ponytail into a previously made small braid. This is perfect Hairstyles for Long Hair as you need a little effort to get it.


  1. Fish Ponytail Haircut for Ladies

Fish Ponytail

Extremely chic, extremely trendy and extremely regal, a fish ponytail is a style not many can perfect, but almost everyone wishes to.


  1. The Bow Bun

The Bow Bun Hairstyle


Who can say no to this cute hairstyle for women? With a perfect little bow sitting on top of your hair, this one is definitely not to be missed!


  1. Side Swept Chunky Curls

Side Swept Chunky Curls

Put your curls into a side and let the hair flow down freely. Glamorous and simple, this is an extremely popular choice for hairstyles for long hair.


  1. Faux Bob Hairstyle for Women

Faux Bob

Just because you have long hair does not mean you can’t flaunt a gorgeous bob. While adopting Faux Bob Hairstyle for Women Pull your hair up on the sides and pin it neatly at the top of your hair to achieve this faux bob.


  1. Pinned Back Hairstyle

Pinned Back Hairstyle

Take some part of your hair from the front and pin it towards the back to get this simple, quick and casual hairstyle.


  1. Tightly Woven Plaits Haircut

Tightly Woven Plaits

Not many hairstyles look as sexy at this one. Let your hair hang around your sides woven into these tight little braids for an adventurous look.


  1. Hair Ribbon

Hair Ribbon

Running out of time but looking for a very Chic hairstyle? Put up a glossy ribbon in your hair and let it gather all the attention for you.


  1. The Infinity Low Do

The Infinity Low Do

Among long hairstyles for wedding party, this is a sure winner. Sophisticated, elegant and classy, the style is so intricate that it isn’t clear where the hairstyle begins or ends.


  1. Mermaid Waves Haircut for Women

Mermaid Waves

We can’t get enough of this simple yet trendy look. Curl your hair a little and let it flow freely.


  1. Sleek Vixen Hairstyle

Sleek Vixen Hair

This trendy look is so popular that women are running to the parlors to get this perfected. The list of long formal hairstyles is definitely incomplete without this one.


  1. Multilayered Angles Hairstyle

Multilayered Angles

Nothing is as chic and exciting as layers giving volume to your hair. Sweep them to a side of letting them cascade down your back, either way, they will be a sure winner among hairstyles for long hair.


  1. Tousled Waves Haircut for Women

Tousled Waves hairstyle

The most exciting mix of trendy and casual, this hairstyle frames your face by perfect messy curls going across your shoulder.


  1. Loose Curls Hairstyle

Loose Curls

As simple as it is, this hairstyle seems to never run out of fashion. Red carpets, weddings, parties – it’s everywhere grabbing attention like always.


  1. Twisted Bun Haircut

Twisted and Flip Bun

Curl up your hair into twists and small braid like structures and then secure it on the top of your head into a bun to get this favorite amongst formal hairstyles.


  1. Side Part Hairstyle for Women

Side Part

This one never seems to get old. One of the easiest long hairstyles for women, the side part, is the perfect example of a simple hairstyle rocking your look.


  1. Long Braids Hairstyle

Long Braids

One of the chicest party hairstyles for long hair and especially curly one, long braids do take their sweet time to be made, but the hard work is worth the extra beautiful hairstyle achieved.


  1. Super Long Ponytail haircut

Super Long Ponytail

Want your hair to look longer than it already is? Try this famous trick for long length hairstyles and tie a lower ponytail and hid it by a higher upper one.


  1. Ringlets Hairstyle for Women


It takes a bold and daring person to style their hair into these rings flowing down. Get a curling wand and style your hair into this amazing chic style.


  1. Twisted Ponytail Hairstyle

Twisted Ponytail

This look is the best mix between adventurous and classy. Tease up your hair and then part it on a side before tying it back.


  1. Easy Bedhead Hairstyle for women

hairstyles for long hair

Here’s our favorite look to perfect without doing almost anything and this is perfect Hairstyles for Long Hair. Just wake up in the morning and slightly run your fingers through your hair and smooth the hair a little and you’re all set to go.

Lets enjoy this video for live hairstyles for Long hair: