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2017 Ultimate Guide To 6 crew cut hairstyles for Men

The crew cut hairstyles for men is one of the most popular haircuts nowadays, which is followed the ages. The reasons behind this crew haircut for men is being the smartness in hairstyle and quite simple maintenance. The crewcuts hairstyle for men is the hottest trend, and it suits on every age. There is an overall impression about the crew cut hairstyle 2017 is linked to the military style haircut only, but it is not so.

The short crew haircut is a men’s hairstyle which has been popular for years and looks expected to remain a fashionable option for upcoming years.  If you like to keep your hairstyle quite short, then this crew cut might be the best men’s hairstyle for you.

The short crew cut hairstyles suit any hairs, giving a macho look. There is more in styling the short crew cut thinning hair than using the clippers with a range of blade guards, as, current short crew cut hairstyles will need fashioning of ideas in styling the light fade or the babies crew cut.

Check out on these 6 crew cut hairstyles for men, which have been sensibly selected, and select the one that can suit you the best.


  1. Short Sides with Tousled Top Haircut for Men

Short Sides with Tousled Top Haircut for Men

If you want to select this crew cut hairstyle, then Keep the sides of your hair short but add length to the whole size of your head. Run your fingers over it from the opposite to give it a tousled look.


  1. Channing Tatum Crew Hairstyle for Men

Channing Tatum Crew Cut

American actor, dancer, film producer, and model Channing Tatum haircut looks great with his slightly tousled crew cut hairstyle. Also, this haircut is known as a “brush cut,” this longer-length crew haircut is simple yet sexy and look powerfully solid.


  1. Fluffy Spikes Hairstyle for Men

Fluffy Spikes haircut

Fluffy spikes short crew short cut hairstyle for men can look less belligerent than well-defined spikes do. If you have a fluffy hairstyle, you will find that people just want to run their fingers through it all day!


  1. The Cool Crew Haircut for Men

Cool Crew Cut Haircut

This cool crew hairstyle looks cool as it is simple to manage. The use of a pomade is replicated in this hairstyle, which retains the hair get a slick and polished look.


  1. Micro flick Haircut for Men

Micro flick Haircut

If you have had a comparatively shortcut, you can style it in a short hair flick at the front. This gives your style a delicate hint of an alteration without doing anything too excessive. This Micro flick men’s crew cut is super suit for all ages.


  1. Classic Crew Hairstyle for Men

Classic Crew Cut

This Classic crew haircut appearance looks like the army crew hairstyle, where the hair is trimmed short in equal length. Skilled hands using the cutter are reflected in this boy’s crew haircut.