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10 Secret Things You Didn’t Know About bun hairstyles

Buns are an integral part of the world of hair styling. From tiny ones to ginormous rolls of hair, from intricately styled ones to messy creations, bun hairstyles for women are becoming all the rage these days!

We have gathered ten secret things that you didn’t know about bun hairstyles. Read away!

  1. Buns Are In!

bun hairstyles for women

The bun hairstyle is so incredibly in! right now that it is being sported by ALL major celebrities and top models. That’s right, bun hairstyle for women has made a spectacular comeback this year and is settling in to stay for a while!

  1. 2017 Speaks the Bun Language

Bun hairstyles for women 2017

The new year may bring some blues for female fashion but not in the hair department. Bun hairstyles for women 2017 have risen in popularity, and an increasing number of variations have been spotted.

  1. Buns Are Boring? NOT ANYMORE.

bun hairstyle but ladies

You may initially imagine the 80’s when you hear the term bun hairstyle but ladies, it’s time to listen to the fashion gurus and try out the wonderful new ways in which you can style your bun.

  1. Lazy Girl Woes? All Gone!

messy bun hairstyle

If you are one of those girls who is typically found in an oversized shirt and sweatpants, settled cozily on a couch watching movies, or the kind of girl that is adorably nerdy, buns are for you. The messy bun hairstyle is the perfect way to show off your lovely facial features while staying true to your natural style.

  1. Wedding Goals

wedding bun hairstyle

What bride doesn’t want to look her absolute best on her wedding ceremony? And nothing says elegant quite like a stunning wedding bun hairstyle. Take a look up a notch with a gorgeous glittery clip and tada! You will look like a queen.

  1. Work Work Work

bun hairstyle for girls

Are you confused about which look to carry at an office party? Or want to look extra good yet underrated at an important meeting? If yes, then the solution is a bun! Designer slacks or a custom made skirt suit, all kinds of work attire work really well with a bun hairstyle. So bun-up and pull off the ultimate chic look that screams attractive yet professional.

  1. Accessorise!

Pinning your hair up in a bun doesn’t mean it should always be left that way. Pair up your bun hairstyle with a pretty accessory. Be it a hair clip or an attache, a flower or a headband, all kinds of accessories work fantastically with a bun. Let your accessory bring some ultra oomph to your everyday look.

  1. Say GoodBye to Plain Rolls

2017 bun hairstyle

Simply rolling your strands up into a bun is so old school. The 2017 bun hairstyle guide brings double buns, side bun, bun with a braid around it, half bun half fishtail; the list just goes on and on. So bid adieu to plain up-dos and welcome into your dress up routine hair buns that are gorgeously unique!

  1. Buns Work On Everyone!

Brunettes, redheads or blondes, buns look great on all hair types. Similarly, a bun hairstyle suits all skin types too. You maybe a Snow White or a Black Beauty, have Asian skin or olive tones, buns will work to highlight your lovely skin and display your features in the most flattering way possible!

  1. Shush-Top Secret!

The biggest secret of all about buns is the fact that you DO NOT need to have long hair to pull it off! Yup ladies, even if you have shoulder length hair, you can roll it up into a small bun. Don’t let your short locks stop you from achieving this uber classy look!

So here you go, ten secrets about bun hairstyles from our treasure box all brought forward to your service.